Junior Voices Project

Music Outreach

Making music accessible to all

We are continually developing musical opportunities for the benefit of the wider community, providing a creative approach to the use of the Cathedral for children and community groups alike.  This includes:

  • the development of the Youth Choir: by seeking greater opportunities for performances within the Diocese and further afield, in concerts or Evensong services

  • the development of the Junior Choir: the Singing Development Leader has created a vibrant and enthusiastic ethos amongst the Cathedral Junior Choir who sing regularly in the Cathedral and are starting to extend their singing into the local area, and further afield

  • the Junior Voices Project, which extends to two Gloucestershire Junior schools in the spring and summer term and invites their pupils to perform in the Cathedral

  • the Teenage Voices Project which extends to two Gloucestershire Secondary Schools in the Autumn term

Junior and Teenage Voices Project

Junior Voices Project

Singing in local schools

Two Gloucestershire schools per term benefit from the Cathedral’s Junior and Teenage Voices Project. Four visits to each of the selected schools are arranged to help develop singing and encourage pupils and teachers to enjoy the benefits of group music-making.

The project culminates at the end of each term when the school choirs perform a concert in the Cathedral to an audience of proud families, relations, school staff and friends.

We are always keen to hear from schools that may be interested in participating in the Junior/Teenage Voices Project, especially those with whom we have not engaged before.  Please get in touch with the Music Department to make an enquiry.


Singing in the diocese

Once a term the Cathedral Choirs visit a parish to perform a concert or evensong as part of the Cathedral’s missions to contribute to the life of the Diocese. 

The Cathedral Precentor selects the parish in negotiation with its clergy and often the event will tie into a celebration of an event in the individual parish. 

A retiring collection is taken for future Choir outreach work. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibility of one of the Cathedral Choir visiting your parish.