The Cathedrals' Workshop Fellowship

Training the next generation of craftspeople

The Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship (CWF) was established in October 2006, and works in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire to provide world-class training in heritage skills. The CWF has two main purposes:

-        To standardise and promote the training of stonemason apprentices in English Cathedrals

-        To provide an accredited training development for stonemasons to Foundation Degree Level.

Throughout the two year course, stonemasons will study:

-        Practice conservation techniques

-        Stone construction and geometry

-        Architectural history and archaeology

-        Structural engineering and fixing

-        Ornamental carving

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Cathedrals' Workshop Fellowship
The CWF Foundation Degree equips apprentices with crucial skills

Our Stonemason Apprentices

We currently have three stonemason apprentices who form an important part of the wider stonemason team: Hannah, Kai and Marie-Claire. Hannah and Marie-Claire started their CWF Foundation degree course in September 2023, whilst Kai is currently studying at Level 3 and will begin the CWF course in September 2025.

Our current stonemason apprentices - Hannah, Kai and Marie-Claire