Traditional heritage skills in action

Our stonemasons’ workshop, historically known as the Workshop of St Peter, is one of only ten attached to Cathedrals in England; we are incredibly proud of the centuries-long tradition of craftsmanship that it has given rise to. Our gifted team of stonemasons are privileged and honoured to follow this tradition, stepping up to the many challenges that come with looking after this magnificent building. Their work is crucial to ensure the Cathedral remains in the best possible condition for generations to come, and all listed buildings around the Cathedral grounds fall under their care. As a result, their day-to-day work is hugely varied.

Our stonemasons have a range of responsibilities

Our Master Mason, Pascal Mychalysin, has trained over forty masons during his time at the Cathedral and as master carver, he is responsible for some of the most intricate carving for which the Cathedral is famous.

Our Master Mason, Pascal Mychalysin

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