Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our Vision, ‘to be in tune with heaven and in touch with daily life’, is ambitious, but at its heart is a desire to be:

  • ‘in tune with heaven’, through worship, prayer and service, and

  • ‘in touch with daily life’, so that the mission and ministry we undertake in Jesus’ name can make a real difference to the way in which people live their lives

We find our inspiration and our hope in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. This can be shared through the witness and activity of Gloucester Cathedral. Jesus shared our life so that those who encountered him were engaging not just with a special person but with God’s Son, the Word made flesh and for the disciples their crucified and risen Lord.

The response of the disciples both at their call and after the first Easter changed them - and the world. We derive this strategy from the historic dedication of ‘The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity and St Peter’.

If you would like to find out more about our mission and objectives you can download our five year Vision and strategic Priorities Business Plan.

Download our Business Plan

Our 'Welcome' Values

Everything we work towards is done in a way which meets our values, the deeply held beliefs and behaviours we espouse in how we treat each other.

Based on the Benedictine Rule of Life, our staff and volunteers seek to 'welcome' all who work, volunteer, worship, visit and contribute to the Cathedral.


  • We offer a warm welcome to everyone, making eye contact, smiling and saying hello

  • We are identifiable and give our names where possible


  • We recognise the different needs and motivations of visitors and adapt our approach accordingly

  • We take time to engage with visitors, to offer help where appropriate and to make them feel special


  • We encourage questions, no query is irrelevant or too small

  • As appropriate, we explain clearly the Cathedral's daily life, worship and traditions


  • We recognise that we have a wide variety of visitors

  • We make it clear the Cathedral is for everyone


  • Where appropriate, we introduce the purpose of the Cathedral and invite visitors to take partin a range of activities

  • We provide opportunities for visitors to give feedback and make them feel their views and voices are important

  • We give visitors the opportunity to contribute financially towards the Cathedral


  • We are sensitive to what is going on around us

  • We are tolerant and understanding of others and manage our own reactions

  • As appropriate, we help others to explore their spirituality while they are here


  • We make sure visitors recieve a proper goodbye

  • We positively represent the Cathedral and are supportive of all our colleagues

  • We strive to be world class in all we do