Belonging and Unbelonging

Friday 6 - Monday 30 September

A series of newly commissioned quilts, led by Gloucestershire-based textile artist and curator Jo Teague, will form part of a trailblazing new exhibition, 'Belonging and Unbelonging' at Gloucester Cathedral.

The quilts, created by local quilt makers and international artists, will explore themes of migration, displacement, neurodiversity, cultural histories, and the ways in which the people of Gloucester have influenced the wider world. The project aims to offer visitors a profound and reflective experience.

The exhibition is free to attend during Cathedral opening hours.

The exhibition forms part of Threads 2024, an annual heritage textiles programme, now entering its third year. It will be accompanied by the showcasing of a rare music manuscript from the voices of enslaved people in the Lady Chapel, forming part of 'Beating back the past'.

A series of talks at The Folk of Gloucester, Museum of Gloucester and Gloucester Cathedral also accompany the exhibition. They aim to illustrate how textile art can tell provocative and reparative stories about identity, helping us interpret our place in the world.

Threads is a partnership project, curated/coordinated by Voices Gloucester and Jo Teague, and supported by The Folk of Gloucester, Gloucester Cathedral and the Museum of Gloucester.

From September 6, 2024 To September 30, 2024
Opening times
Friday 6 - Monday 30 September
Booking not required