The London Foundling Hospital: A Time Capsule of 'Material' Culture

Saturday 21 September, 6pm

This talk seeks to demonstrate the diversity and complexity of textiles available in the mid-18th century through the unique collection held by The London Foundling Hospital. This collection of tokens, small articles left by parents when they surrendered their child, encompasses a broad spectrum of textiles, most of them found within the years of 1756-60.

Research for this talk started in 2011 when Angela Burnley embarked on yet another research project to further her understanding of 18th century textiles. The trip took her back to London where she attended the opening of the “Threads of Feeling” Exhibit curated by John Styles at the Foundling Museum, as well as spending time in the London Municipal Archives, examining artifacts not on display in the exhibit.

This collection would subsequently, through many visits and examinations, become a kingpin to inform her research past and future.

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About Angela T. Burnley:

Angela Burnley is the owner of Burnley & Trowbridge Company, a multi-faceted Historical Textile business based in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. She holds a degree in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati and practiced her discipline as well as taught at the New York Institute of Technology prior to co-founding B & T. As an independent researcher focusing on textiles of the 18th century, she has studied collections in the US as well as abroad and lectured and taught on the topic. She most recently completed a Fellowship with Winterthur Museum, where she focused on the work of Florence Montgomery.

Burnley and Trowbridge has served the historical community for 30 years offering modern textiles best simulated to their historic counterparts, as well as producing reproduction textiles & accessories for museums and institutions. The in-person Hands-On Workshop Series, which started in 2002 as an educational outreach, has grown to be known internationally. In addition, they provide a multitude of tutorials and lessons geared towards teaching historically accurate sewing methods online. Burnley and Trowbridge Co. - YouTube

Through workshops, their YouTube channel, social media, and scholarly talks given by Angela, Burnley & Trowbridge has come to be recognized as an ally to those within the historical community at large.

Please note: The Parliament Room where the talk will take place is on the first floor, access to the room is via a staircase.

The talk forms part of Threads 2024, an annual heritage textiles programme, now entering its third year, that celebrates the rich textile history of the City. Two trailblazing projects 'Belonging and Unbelonging' and 'Beating back the past' can be viewed in the Cathedral during Cathedral opening hours in September.

Threads is a partnership project, curated/coordinated by Voices Gloucester and Jo Teague, and supported by The Folk of Gloucester, Gloucester Cathedral and the Museum of Gloucester.

September 21, 2024
Opening times
Saturday 21 September 6pm
Parliament Rooms
Adult £10
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