The Knife Angel Legacy Fund

Donate to The Knife Angel Legacy Fund to support those affected by violent crime in Gloucestershire

Gloucester Cathedral was honoured to host the Knife Angel throughout February as part of the UK National Youth Anti-Violence Tour and Programme.

A thought-provoking, 27ft tall sculpture, the Knife Angel (known in full as the National Monument for Serious Violence and Aggression) aims to raise awareness of all aspects of violent street crime, and it is being supported by county-wide organisations as part of the Stronger Safer Gloucester community partnership. Whilst it was here in Gloucester, it was accompanied by a varied programme of events, services and activities that aimed to inspire social change.

However, the conversation doesn’t end here. The Knife Angel Legacy Fund has been set up to ensure this vital work can continue in the years to come; all funds raised through the Legacy Fund will be used to support affected communities in Gloucestershire, with an aim to increase education around, and prevent, violent crime. You can donate to the fund via the Cathedral website.

You can donate to The Knife Angel Legacy Fund by scrolling down this page. Thank you for your support.