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Pilgrim's progress with Project Manager, Anne Cranston

On the first day of every other month Anne will post a new blog giving you an insight into the exciting, hectic and challenging life of the Project Pilgrim Manager here at the Cathedral.

Check back each month to track our progress as the team turns designs and concepts into tangible outcomes over the next four years. It's going to be epic!

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August 2019: Once more with feeling
Farewell for now, we will be back...
Open 'August 2019: Once more with feeling'

March 2019: The Wood, The Trees & The Carbon Footprints
Sustainability - the only way forward
Open 'March 2019: The Wood, The Trees & The Carbon Footprints'

January 2019: Great Expectations
Another year of raising our game
Open 'January 2019: Great Expectations'

November 2018: Regeneration
Change - how we use it and how our visitors respond
Open 'November 2018: Regeneration'

September 2018: Lessons Learned
Time to step back and reflect...
Open 'September 2018: Lessons Learned'

June 2018: A fantastic month for Pilgrim
This month Anne reflects on 'Everyday Pilgrim' and 'Special Occasion Pilgrim'
Open 'June 2018: A fantastic month for Pilgrim'

May 2018:Building On Our Foundations
Now that building work is nearly complete - what next?
Open 'May 2018:Building On Our Foundations'

May 2018: "All Visitors Are Welcome As Christ"
Anne looks back on a month of transition...
Open 'May 2018: "All Visitors Are Welcome As Christ"'

April 2018: The Wait is Over
Our doors are wide open and welcoming...
Open 'April 2018: The Wait is Over'

March 2018: Change or Transformation?
This month Anne talks about losses, gains and adjustment
Open 'March 2018: Change or Transformation?'

February 2018: The Scale of our Ambitions
This month Anne tells of the balancing act that is Project Pilgrim
Open 'February 2018: The Scale of our Ambitions'

January 2018: Worth the Wait ….
This month Anne explains the complexity of "pausing" construction
Open 'January 2018: Worth the Wait ….'

December 2017: All I want for Christmas...
This month Anne is "paused" and ready for Christmas and the New Year
Open 'December 2017: All I want for Christmas...'

November 2017: The Shape of Things to Come …
Anne tackles the challenge of perspective and balance
Open 'November 2017: The Shape of Things to Come …'

October 2017: Construction days until Advent
This month Anne is counting down the days...
Open 'October 2017: Construction days until Advent'

September2017: A Very 21st Century Cathedral
This month Anne gives an insight into the multi-tasking role of a modern-day Cathedral (and Project Manager!)
Open 'September2017: A Very 21st Century Cathedral'

August 2017: Project Pilgrim vs Time Team
This month Anne talks archaeology, both inside and out...
Open 'August 2017: Project Pilgrim vs Time Team'

July 2017: Open for business
Everyday life, services and events continue as usual, despite all the building work!
Open 'July 2017: Open for business'

June 2017: The Art of the Possible
Things are 'hotting up' this month, both inside and outside the Lady Chapel!
Open 'June 2017: The Art of the Possible'

April 2017: Spring Forward...
This month Anne talks about this extraordinarily busy time
Open 'April 2017: Spring Forward...'

March 2017: Welcome to Gloucester Cathedral
This month Anne shares the challenges of accessibility...
Open 'March 2017: Welcome to Gloucester Cathedral'

February 2017: The year of living dangerously
This month Anne looks at the Pilgrim journey and why it needs to take place now...
Open 'February 2017: The year of living dangerously'

May 2017 - 'Doing our bit'
This month, Project Manager Anne Cranston discusses the importance of our Activity Plan.
Open 'May 2017 - 'Doing our bit''

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