'Mastery of Heavenly Art': William Hine of Gloucester

This brilliant article tells us more about William Hine, the man credited with establishing the first Three Choirs Festival

(Image: Portrait of William Hine ascribed to Godfrey Kneller. This painting was given to the Oxford University Music School by Philip Hayes who inherited it from his father William, one of Hine’s choristers.)

William Hine (organist 1713-1730) is credited with establishing the first meetings of what eventually became the Three Choirs Festival. Warwick Cole has been examining the manuscript part books used by the Gloucester Cathedral choir under his direction, and has written an article which originally was published in the Church Music Quarterly (June 2022).

The article makes for fascinating reading - please click on the button below to download a PDF version.

'Mastery of Heavenly Art'

A transcription of one of Hine's anthems, 'Save me O God' can be downloaded here.

Save me O God