Stewardship – a 2020 Vision

Just as the Cathedral 'Rule of Life' offers a framework which provides insights to the way we may lead our Christian lives, it is important that the Cathedral Community also has a framework providing advice on the way we should manage our personal giving.

The Church of England has long espoused that in giving to others we should give in proportion to what we receive, i.e. in proportion to our income.  Committed Churchgoers are encouraged to give away 10 per cent of their disposable income to good causes, a practice known as tithing which has Biblical origins.

This recommendation is a challenge for the annual giving from the Cathedral too, and, being mindful of that, the Cathedral must be grateful for and careful with every donation made using the money wisely to grow the presence of God and the Church in our communities.

Whilst it is recognised that Cathedral dynamics make this difficult, it is important that the Cathedral Community is aware of where donations are spent.  It is also important that the expenditure bears some relationship to the individual in the congregation.

Just as Churchgoers are encouraged to give away 10 per cent of their disposable income, so the Cathedral itself should give away 10 per cent of its income to good causes.   The suggestion is that four charities are selected each year, two being local (i.e. in Gloucester)  and two being national or international. It is also suggested that, for tithing purposes, Cathedral income from the 10.15 Eucharist Service is treated separately from all other income.  This is so that Community members may see where, and have an input into, this particular part of the Cathedral tithing may be distributed.

The latest charities to receive congregational donations will be announced at the end of 2020, after giving in this year has been gathered.

Trevor Weedon, Cathedral Stewardship Officer

It is also suggested that 10 per cent of special services could be distributed to other good causes and, perhaps, advertised in advance of the service, i.e. in the order of service.



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