Map brought home after 160 years

In 2016 I was contacted by Gloucestershire Archives who had been made aware of a map being sold by a local antiquarian book seller that seemed to have a connection to the Cathedral.  

Through a grant for the Friends of Gloucester Cathedral we were able to purchase the map and bring it home.

Title written on map

On its arrival I was fascinated to discover a bit more about it.  Its title has been left unfinished, stating merely "PLAN OF PROPEORTY BELONGING TO THE DEAN AND CHAPTER OF GLOUCESTER IN THE PARISHES OF"... It shows each field and house from Norton in the North to Tuffley in the South, and skirts around Gloucester.  Each area has been annotated with the name of its owner. The names include such high profile figures as Robert Raikes and Viscount Lisle, but also women and the City authorities also appear.  However the biggest mystery was the date.  It had been advertised as c.1800, and the names lend credence to this, but on close examination a faint outline of a triangular route was found in the Barnwood/St James area, and this was my clue to the actual date.

Section of map showing land ownership and faint line delineating railway route

This triangle although faint was marking out the route of the proposed railway junction at Gloucester.  The line was first suggested around 1824, but the station and triangle was actually only opened between 1840 and 1845.  This dates the map to around the 1830s therefore, and means the names must have been copied form earlier maps.

In September, representatives from the Friends and I took the map to Gloucestershire Archives to form part of the permanently deposited collection of Cathedral archives which they store, and this gave us the chance to compare it to the most likely other maps which may have been copied.  It was confirmed that this map is an amalgamation and copy of about six or seven Inclosure maps dating from the turn of the 19th Century.  It will now be available to researchers of the history of the City and County.

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