Key Stage 2

We provide a wide variety of curriculum-based tours and activities to meet the needs of Key Stage 2 students.

If you would like to arrange a visit or find our more about the Education Centre and how it could help your school, please contact our Education Team:

Tel: 01452 521010

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RE U2.1 What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is Holy and Loving?
In line with the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE, this trail enables children to make clear connections between Bible texts studied and what Christians believe about God: for example through how cathedrals are designed.
Open 'RE U2.1 What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is Holy and Loving?'

RE: Joint Synagogue & Cathedral Visits
To simplify the challenge of organising trips to different places of worship, the Cathedral has a partnership with Cheltenham Synagogue which enables schools to visit both venues on the same day.
Open 'RE: Joint Synagogue & Cathedral Visits'

RE: Spirituality and British Values
The Cathedral can offer a half or full day of workshops providing time for stillness, reflection and empathy. There are also options for exploring how local heroes are celebrated in the Cathedral reflecting British Values.
Open 'RE: Spirituality and British Values'

History: Anglo Saxons
This trail provide students an opportunity to visit our crypt, built by Anglo Saxon builders and St Oswald’s Priory, a special burial place for Aldred the Great’s daughter.
Open 'History: Anglo Saxons'

RE: Joint Mosque and Cathedral Visits
The Cathedral Education department can organise day visits. Schools go first to the Masjid E-Noor and then visit the Cathedral for lunch and a multi-sensory tour of the Cathedral. We can accommodate groups of up to 100 pupils.
Open 'RE: Joint Mosque and Cathedral Visits'

History: Pilgrimage
Pupils will adopt the roles of various medieval pilgrims, wearing appropriate costumes and carrying pilgrim-gifts to leave at the tomb of King Edward II.
Open 'History: Pilgrimage'

History: Monastic Trail
Dress as a novice monk and discover Gloucester's Benedictine heritage. Travel back in time and find out about the monastic life of study, work and prayer by exploring the cloisters with the 'Abbot'.
Open 'History: Monastic Trail'

History: Tudor Trail
An all-day visit where children will dress as a monk and in role-play, discover Henry VIII's plans for St Peter's Abbey.
Open 'History: Tudor Trail'

History: Glorious Gloucester; Our Journey Through Time
Discover the history of the most important building in the city. Why is the building called a Cathedral? Who was crowned here? Which king is buried here? When was the structure built?
Open 'History: Glorious Gloucester; Our Journey Through Time'

Stonemasons’ Workshop Tours
An interesting addition to any tour is a visit to the stonemasons yard. It can be either an 'add on' after or an integral part of the tour.
Open 'Stonemasons’ Workshop Tours '

Tailor Made Visits
If you feel that there is a specific curriculum requirement that you have that you cannot see covered in the above please contact us.
Open 'Tailor Made Visits'

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