Foundation & Key Stage 1

We provide a wide variety of curriculum-based tours and activities to meet the needs of Key Stage 1 students.

If you would like to arrange a visit or find our more about the Education Centre and how it could help your school, please contact our Education Team:

Tel: 01452 521010

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RE Why does Easter matter to Christians?
Using a trail the children will have the opportunity to hear about the events if the first holy week. They will hear about the special Easter services and events that happen at the Cathedral and explore some of the ideas and beliefs linked to Easter through creative activities.
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RE Why does Christmas matter to Christians?
Based on the suggestions from the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus, this visit will take you on a trail around the Cathedral exploring the nativity story from the Gospel of Luke in different stations.
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RE What makes some places special to believers?
In line with the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE, this trail enables children to ask questions, handle artefacts, take photos, listen to a story, sing a song; explore the unusual things they see, do some drawings of details and collect some keywords.
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RE: Joint Mosque and Cathedral Visits
The Cathedral Education department can organise day visits. Schools go first to the Masjid E-Noor and then visit the Cathedral for lunch and a multi-sensory tour of the Cathedral. We can accommodate groups of up to 100 pupils.
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RE: Spirituality and British Values
The Cathedral can offer a half or full day of workshops providing time for stillness, reflection and empathy. There are also options for exploring how local heroes are celebrated in the Cathedral reflecting British Values.
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RE: Joint Synagogue & Cathedral Visits
To simplify the challenge of organising trips to different places of worship, the Cathedral has a partnership with Cheltenham Synagogue which enables schools to visit both venues on the same day.
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History: Glorious Gloucester
A cross-curricula approach to learning through a tour of the building to discover its history and significance in the city. Find out about the monks who lived here over 900 hundred years ago, the games they played and how they lived.
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Tailor Made Visits
‚ÄčIf you feel that there is a specific curriculum requirement that you have that you cannot see covered in the above please contact us. We will discuss and create a tour tailored to your group's specific needs and interests.
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