Daily Lent Reflections

Daily Lent Reflections

Everyday throughout Lent we will post a beautiful image of a stained glass window from around the Cathedral, accompanied by a message from a member of our clergy. This message might explain what we see in the stained glass window, or it might offer a prayer or reflection; we hope you will enjoy reading them in the lead up to Easter. The reflections will be shared here daily, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook page. 

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Day 19
Sunburst (Trinity)
Open Day 19

Day 18
The Raising of Lazarus
Open Day 18

Day 17
Jesus walking on water
Open Day 17

Day 16
The feeding of the 5000
Open Day 16

Day 15
Jesus calming the storm
Open Day 15

Day 14
The healing of Jairus' daughter
Open Day 14

Day 13
Changing water into wine
Open Day 13

Day 12
Adam and Eve
Open Day 12

Day 11
Martha and Mary
Open Day 11

Day Ten
The Prodigal Son
Open Day Ten

Day Nine
The Good Samaritan
Open Day Nine

Day Eight
The Lost Sheep and the Good Shepherd
Open Day Eight

Day Seven
The woman at the well
Open Day Seven

Day Six
The young Jesus teaching the elders
Open Day Six

Day Five
Angels offering the bread of heaven
Open Day Five

Day Four
Temptation Three, seeing off Satan
Open Day Four

Day Three
Temptation Two, 'throw yourself down'
Open Day Three

Day Two
Temptation One, the turning of stone to bread
Open Day Two

Day One
The Baptism of Christ
Open Day One

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