The Ancient Romans and their Gods

The Ancient Romans and their Gods

Saturday 21 March 2020 10.00am - 4.30pm

These colourful fabulous figures enliven the literature of the Romans. But what of their darker side, those mysterious powers with chilling consequences for mortals who err in some way or who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Religious beliefs embraced the ‘personality’ gods who figure in ancient literature and art, like Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and also all kinds of less visible spirits.

This course will follow stories and accounts from ancient authors (in translation). You may hear a little Latin too, but knowledge of Latin is not essential.

Course fee: £50 (£45 concessionary rate)

The Venue: The Parliament Suite, Gloucester Cathedral

To book visit  

Course presenter - George Sharpley
Tel: 01452 731113

Comments from previous courses:

The approach to history was so engaging. I cannot wait to follow this up” … “The teaching was superb.” …. “Actually hearing the language spoken seemed to bring it to life.” …. “Thank you so much for a happy Latin day. It was so inspiring, and as well as the language, full of amazing history, biographies, fun and humour.” …. “I had long been interested in the way Latin was used in the English language and in the root of words.” ….. ” I was a compete beginner. The course was exactly what I hoped for”

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