Greek Literature Weekend in Gloucester

Greek Literature Weekend in Gloucester

Saturday 5 October 10.30am-5.00pm & Sunday 6 October 10.15am-5.00pm

Parliament Suite

Spend a weekend with the creators of the western literary tradition

Fantasy will be one of our themes this weekend. After a journey to the Moon with Lucian we’ll end up in Cloud Cuckoo Land with Aristophanes, taking some philosophical and political lessons on the way. We’ll read from a Greek novel in which the heroine loses her head but not her happy ending, and we’ll eavesdrop on Athenaeus’ dinner party for a bit of erudite whimsy. There will be a couple of doses of real life from Galen’s medical works and from Antiphon’s speech written for a man prosecuting his step-mother for poisoning his father with what she claimed she thought was a love potion. Another theme seems to be violent death, so we’ll start by contrasting the descriptions of battle in Homer’s Iliad with those in the very late epic of Quintus Smyrnaeus, dealing with Achilles’ fight against Penthesilea the Amazon Queen.

No previous knowledge will be required, and all the texts will be translated into English.

Τutor: Dr Paul Pritchard

Course fee: £100.00 (£75.00 unwaged).  For further information please see the website or email

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