‘Endangered and Extinct’ by creative recycling artist Val Hunt

‘Endangered and Extinct’
by creative recycling artist Val

Saturday 26 September – Sunday 1 November
in the Cloisters

This exhibition presents a subtle message about recycling and preservation, raising awareness of why the creatures on show are endangered or extinct. Find out why species are disappearing from this planet at an alarming rate.     

Endangered and Extinct is a touring, educational exhibition by Val Hunt              

Having worked for the past 29 years as a professional maker, Val Hunt continues to be amazed at the versatility of creative recycling. There is an enormous variety of discarded material just waiting to be reconstructed and given a new identity, especially Val’s favourite material of drinks can metal. Intricate constructions and interesting textures are key elements found in her work,humour is also an added ingredient whenever possible.    

Through experimentation, ingenuity and skill her work is always changing as she discovers new techniques and ways of constructing recycled materials to signal a new meaning. Her work recycles a diverse selection of throw away material, from these she creates a fascinating selection of large and small sculptural pieces which are both appealing and informative. 

Despite her use of manufactured materials, her main inspiration comes from  the natural world. Val has a special interest in endangered and extinct species and most of her work reflects this. She makes animals, exotic birds, fish, dinosaurs, insects and species of flora all on the edge or now extinct.                                                                                                                         

The increasing awareness of the effects of pollution, climate change, plastic in the Ocean and environment destruction on the habitat have influenced Val’s work. She now dedicates her making to highlighting the plight of species that are on the edge or gone forever in her touring educational exhibition ’Endangered and Extinct’.                                                        

The future of endangered species greatly depends on mankind’s ability to live in harmony with the natural world.

To save endangered species it is essential to protect their habitats and understand the vital role of each species within the earth’s eco system We can help by making people aware of these devastating facts and try and protect the vulnerable creatures sharing this world we live in.

Val’s work has been shown in exhibitions around the U.K., Denmark, Japan, United Emirates, U.S.A. and toured overseas with the British Council. She has work in many permanent collections.  

Val  hopes this exhibition inspires you to experience the fun of  creative recycling. Give rubbish a second look , experiment and rework it to give it a new meaning.  


Val Hunt in her studio illustrated by her daughter Lucy

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