Lent 2019: The God Question
10th April 2019
19:30- 21:00
Lent 2019: The God Question
Science, God and the Search for Truth

Wednesdays from 13 March to 10 April, 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Can science and faith exist well together? The greatest challenge to belief is often thought to come from science. This series investigates whether 21st century science supports or removes the case for a creator. Each session begins with video input in which prominent atheists and theists take a scientific journey and debate the case for God.

Topics include:

• The Cosmos – do scientific explanations of the origins of the universe leave space for a creator?

• Life and Evolution – must science and faith differ about the evolutionary process?

• Mind and Consciousness – does the mystery of human consciousness point to God?

The Jerusalem Room, 4 College Green, Gloucester

For more details contact Canon Dr Andrew Braddock: abraddock@glosdioc.org.uk
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