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There are a number of different tours available at the Cathedral, please click on the links below to find out more. Occasionally we also have some special tours on offer to places like the Stonemasons' workshop and 15th century library,   

Please be aware that all tours are subject to volunteer guide availability, so on occasion there may be cancellations or some limited availability.

Library Tours will be back in April 2018
Located high above the main body of the Cathedral (you will need to go up 38 spiral steps!) the Cathedral Library Room was originally part of the Abbey and holds a wonderful collection of books and manuscripts dating back to the 11th century.
Open 'Library Tours will be back in April 2018'

Guided Tours
All of our Cathedral guides undergo 15 weeks of intensive training to ensure that the tours they give are a wonderful experience for our visitors.
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Tower Tours will be back in March 2018
Are you reasonably fit? Can you climb 269 steps up and 269 down again? Are you over six years old? If so, why not join one of our Tower Tours?
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Crypt Tours
Descend the steps from the South Transept to discover the hidden subterranean level of the Cathedral.
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