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Volunteering at Gloucester Cathedral Policy

The teams of volunteers at Gloucester Cathedral are highly valued groups of people who play a vital part in the life of the Cathedral and in our ministry of welcome to worshippers, visitors and pilgrims.  Below you will find set out what the Chapter aim to offer volunteers and what we expect our volunteers to offer to the Cathedral.

What we expect of you as a Volunteer

Volunteering is a serious commitment and we need to be able to rely on those who so generously give of their time and skills to us. We therefore ask all volunteers to make every effort to fulfil their designated duty slots on the particular rota, and to find a replacement from within their team if for any reason they are unable to fulfil their duties (except due to last-minute illness or weather conditions).

In addition we also ask of you the following:

  • To supply us with your contact details (address, telephone number, photograph and email where possible) together with contact details of your next of kin or of a close friend in case of emergency
  • To fulfil the requirements of your volunteer role to the best of your ability
  • To undertake any training which is considered essential to your volunteer role, including attendance at your annual group meeting (where applicable)
  • To wear the sash, tabard, badge or robes as applicable when on duty in the Cathedral
  • To display loyalty and respect to the Cathedral and to your colleagues 
  • To respect visitors and the diverse backgrounds and needs they have
  • To treat all Cathedral staff with dignity and respect
  • To follow the Cathedral’s procedures and standards, including policies for the protection of children and vulnerable adults (including either filling out a self-declaration form or undergoing DBS checks and rechecks as necessary), health and safety, equal opportunities and lone working policy in relation to its staff, volunteers and visitors
  • To be a good ambassador for the Cathedral and to avoid any behaviour or action which may be detrimental to the Cathedral’s reputation and its work. This includes maintaining confidentiality of information and not expressing views adverse to the Cathedral in the media. (A full note of our policy on confidentiality can be found on separate sheet in the Welcome Handbook)

What you can expect from us

  • The Chapter are immensely grateful to those who give of their time in serving the Cathedral.  We are committed to enabling all volunteers to be enriched by their experience here and that they may in turn enrich the experience of others.  We undertake
  • To offer induction, support and training to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of your volunteer role. The Volunteer Welcome Handbook provides details of the organisational structure of the Cathedral and its daily worship
  • To provide a named person (usually your Group Leader) with whom you may discuss your volunteering and any successes or problems
  • To do our best to help you develop your volunteering role with us through access to appropriate materials and training
  • To provide insurance cover whilst carrying out your duties for us
  • To provide adequate training and feedback in support of our Health and Safety policy, a copy of which is in our Volunteer Welcome Handbook
  • To treat all volunteers with dignity and respect and not to take for granted the sometimes onerous demands made on their time
  • To provide a car parking pass (renewable annually) to enable you to park in the Barbican only when you come to do duty.  We do not have enough spaces to offer for when you come at other times during the day, for example for meetings.
  • To provide access to discounted refreshment in the Cathedral Coffee Shop during its opening hours in the course of your duty shift, where applicable.  Details and a voucher are available in the Cathedral Shop.
  • To offer regular communications about events in the life of the Cathedral and the annual free edition of The Volunteer 
  • Opportunities to put forward your views regarding possible improvements and changes in the delivery of your volunteering tasks
  • To seek permission to use work produced by volunteers, the copyright of which remains with them 
  • An annual Evensong and party to which all volunteers are invited
  • If things go wrong or if you have concerns about your treatment by another volunteer or member of staff then the Chapter’s agreed procedure will be used (see item 12 in the Volunteers’ Welcome Handbook)
  • Gloucester Cathedral aims to foster an environment which is a caring, supportive community in accordance with our Christian principles. If at any time you have any concerns relating to your volunteering role you should speak to your Group Leader or to the Volunteer Officer.

The Reverend Canon Celia Thomson

Canon Chancellor