Signs & Symbols

Expressing: Signs & Symbols'We saw where people light a candle and say a prayer.'
Philippa, KS1

Explore the Cathedral inside and out.

Find out what a church is for. Take a look at some of the artefacts inside the church and find out what people do there. Light a candle and see how many aids to worship can be found in the building.

Consider why such places are treated with great respect. Compare and contrast with your local place of worship and/or the special places of other faiths.

Activities include making masons' marks in clay, stained 'glass' windows and prayer stones.

Timing: Two hour session

Cost: £3 per pupil (plus VAT) Accompanying adults free

Curriculum Links: Communication and language ELG01, ELG02, ELG03; PSED ELG06; Understanding of the world ELG13

Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE: Foundation Stage, Being Special

Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE: KS1 2b

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