Solar Panels

We’re Going Green’

In November 2016, Gloucester Cathedral became the first ancient Cathedral to install solar panels.

On the south side of the Nave roof, we have 150 solar panels providing 76,873kWh of energy. The total system capacity is 30,000 kWp and the panels generate 27,500 kW of energy each year, enough to power seven semi-detached houses, make 250,000 cups of tea or provide 25% of the Cathedral’s electricity.

The panels have been fitted with optimisers to ensure that the array provides maximum power output, even in areas where the panels are partially shaded by the parapet wall and buttress.

Check out the Solar Panel Installation Time Lapse video to see how we did it!

Gloucester Cathedral Solar Panel Installation Time Lapse from Sandie Conway on Vimeo.

The future

Our panels are part of the Church of England’s ‘Shrinking the Footprint’ campaign designed to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050

Click on the image below to see how much electricity our panels are generating right now!


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