Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's progress with Project Manager, Anne Cranston

On the first day of each month Anne will post a new blog giving you an insight into the exciting, hectic and challenging life of the Project Pilgrim Manager here at the Cathedral.

Check back each month to track our progress as the team turns designs and concepts into tangible outcomes over the next four years. It's going to be epic!

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April 2017: Spring Forward...
This month Anne talks about this extraordinarily busy time
Open 'April 2017: Spring Forward...'

December 2016: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year …..
This month Anne explores the pitfalls of programming at Christmas
Open 'December 2016: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year …..'

February 2017: The year of living dangerously
This month Anne looks at the Pilgrim journey and why it needs to take place now...
Open 'February 2017: The year of living dangerously'

January 2017: Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes
This month Anne discusses the need for change, even when it isn't easy... or cheap!
Open 'January 2017: Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes'

March 2017: Welcome to Gloucester Cathedral
This month Anne shares the challenges of accessibility...
Open 'March 2017: Welcome to Gloucester Cathedral'

November 2016: "Are We Nearly There Yet?"
This month Anne examines her troubled relationship with archaeology.
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