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This is a fascinating blog post from the British Library explaining how a manuscript book is made. Click on the British Library logo on the right to access.

I thought I would offer you a few images of our own manuscripts, here at Gloucester.

This is a page from a Life of Saints, probably written at Leominster.  The text, written in Latin, describes the miracles of St James.  On this page you can see fly bites which have grown as the parchment was stretched.

This is a collection of medieval astronomical texts probably gathered together and copied around 1500.  You can see the use of very different sized pages.  This book was given to the Library by Henry Fowler in 1650s.  Henry's father was a doctor, and may have used horoscopes such as the one shown on this page to help to diagnose and treat individuals.

We have many more manuscript treasures just waiting to be discovered in our Library.  They are listed in summary in our printed catalogue, published 1972, adn in full in "Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries. II: Abbotsford - Keele" by N R Ker

Rebecca Phillips, Cathedral Archivist

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