Reformation Lecture: Three Choirs and a Reformation
7th September 2017
Dr Richard Fisher - Three Choirs and a Reformation: How the Abbey became a Cathedral at Gloucester

Richard Fisher is a final-year PhD student at the University of Bristol, supervised by Dr Beth Williamson and Professor James Clark. His research examines the part played by English cathedrals in the early Tudor Reformation, from a comparison of those found at Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester. Despite the traditional view of the English Reformation as Henry VIII’s top-down salvation of a floundering national church having being revised in the recent past by evidence from regional and parochial studies which demonstrate the strength of ‘traditional’ Catholicism, the role of the cathedrals in this period has been largely neglected. Perhaps this is because these awe-inspiring buildings (and the institutions which function within them) are symbolic of both the reformed Church of England and the Catholic religion which preceded it. Richard’s interest in cathedrals began as a boy, singing in them in London. This continued as an undergraduate at Bristol, where his quest to visit all the medieval cathedral buildings took off. A trip to Carlisle, the last medieval cathedral to be established, still awaits!
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